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Mullet Drama Group present 2 One-Act Plays The Galway Girl & Shakespeare’s a Dick

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This event finished on 28 October 2018

Mullet Drama Group present an evening of drama with 2 one-act plays, A Galway Girl and Shakespeare’s a Dick

In A Galway Girl a couple sit at opposite ends of a table reminiscing about their life together.

Each has a point of view and they rarely address each other directly. They are young to begin with, then middle aged, then old, then one dies. The anecdotes they relate are both humorous and tragic. Their lives seem wasted, yet the wife’s muted final gesture of affection conveys a love that endured through years of bickering


In Shakespeare’s a Dick   When the young red-neck Wally curses the name of Shakespeare and opts to attend a Monster Truck Show instead of “As You Like It,”  he feels the wrath of the Bard.  Waking up after a heavy night of boozing, he finds he can only speak in Shakespearian verse.   His best friend Ramie searches for a cure from their high school English teacher Ingrid, while his girlfriend Doris swoons for the new Wally.

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October



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