Áras Inis Gluaire

097 81079 | info@arasinisgluaire.ie
Aras Inis Gluaire

Teicniúla / Technical


  • 170 seats – raked seating ( retractable )
  • Stage Area: 38ft wide x 21ft deep.
  • Height from Floor to Rig: 18 feet
  • Access to stage area from Stage Dock
  • Access to Lights – MiTower and A Frame Ladder
  • No Tabs
  • Note – No Stage Black Curtains at back of stage
  • Get In via Stage Dock on ground level
  • Stage Floor – Wooden sprung floor
  • Three Sets Black Legs either side of stage area

Contact: Tony Conway
Email: errisfm@gmail.com
Tel: 097 – 81079

Lighting Equipment

Number Item 
482.5kw Digital Dimmers 
1xEtc Express 48 channel Lighting Console 
2xVariable Beam Profiles 
7x1.2kw Fresnels 
8x575 watt CE Parcans 
1xDMX Splitter 
2xRFU Connectors

Auditorium Sound Equipment

1xMackie 14 Channel  Mixer 
2xMartin 4P Speakers 
2 xMartin MA 2.8s Power Amplifiers 
1 xMartin MA900 Power Amplifier 
2xReasound PA Speakers 
2xBehringer PA Speakers 
2xBehringer Monitor Speakers 
2xShure SM58 Microphones 
1 xBeyerdynamic Microphone 
1xAKG Condensor Microphone 
4xThomann Microphones 
5xMicrophone Stands – vocal 
1xMicrophone Stands – instrument 
3xMicrophone Cables 
4xSpeakon Speaker Cables 
2xBehringer DI Boxes 
1xTascam CD Player

Cinema Equipment

1x 7m wide x 525m drop Electric Screen
1x Sanyo Full HD Digital Projector
1x Denon Blueray / DVD Player DBP  2012UD
1x Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP650
 1x  Signex Audio Routing Control